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At Sta’ Phocused, we understand the capacity of the medium of film and design in transforming a marketing strategy from a concept into reality.

Our video solutions packages are designed and structured in ways that enable us to breathe new life into a company’s identity and product line.

Our range of services include:

Corporate Videos

We undertake all kinds of corporate video projects. Whether you are looking to create an orientation and training video for new employees, or create a promotional video revolving around a new product or product line for presentation use, we are fully equipped to provide you with end-to-end video solutions.


We offer high-end production services relating to commercials and other promotional videos. As one of the finest graphic design, animation and video production services in Chicago, we can help advertise your brand and products in an original manner.

Electronic Press Kits

We can develop effective promotional press kits for your brand, in keeping with the promotional activity your brand is engaging in. We can create EPKs for all kinds of live events like product launches and trade shows, among others.

Instructional/Training Video

We can provide high-end production services that can help your business develop original and well-designed content for all kinds of training or educational purposes.

Multi-Media News Releases

We provide services that allow you to promote and disseminate information across a variety of different new media platforms.

Multi-Camera Production

We provide state of the art multi-camera production services. Record or cover promotional events from multiple locations, and benefit from no-holds barred, comprehensive coverage.

Product Demos

We undertake product demo projects that can effectively communicate the USPs and features of your products through a number of different graphic design techniques like flash animation.

Special Event Video Reels

Companies looking for high-end production services to capture large events or ceremonies need look no further. We can provide your brand with uncompromised event coverage, inclusive of highlight reels.

Web Video

Distinguishing your brand from the rest of the market online is the first step towards building a brand identity and gaining a foothold in the market. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you leverage your brand by incorporating popular design formats.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a blossoming concept with huge value. We can help build awareness around your brand by developing creative and engaging material to be disseminated on a range of social networks and platforms.

Additional Services 

Recently, we have incorporated a suite of additional services related to photo manipulation and re-touching. From scaling photo resolution and contrast fixing to full photo re-touching, we offer high-quality photo manipulation services for brands operating across various segments.

Beyond photo manipulation, we are also proficient in creating graphics and designs for magazines, CDs, posters, and eBooks. We offer hand-painting and digital solutions with regard to the graphic design work we undertake. We are capable of providing expert design services for the Web and Print (traditional) mediums.

We also perform professional, Hollywood quality video-editing and post production tasks inclusive of special effects and flash animation.

Skills and Expertise

Regardless of what your brand’s objective is, we have the requisite skills and expertise in film and live event production to engage and inspire your audiences.

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Sta’Phocused handles all components of the creative process including writing, filming, post-production and editing. Additionally, our video solutions package also involves the distribution and dissemination of the products we provide for our clients. Contact us today for all your marketing needs.

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